Hamilton's John Mann, 26, charged after going to victim's home, now refused bail

UPDATE, Thursday, 1.45pm: A 26-YEAR-OLD Hamilton man has been refused bail after being charged with more offences following a dispute on Facebook messenger.

John Mann, 26, of Horner Street, unsuccessfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Thursday and was remanded in custody until March 26.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said it was now alleged that Mr Mann had been involved in two significant incidents, which had resulted in criminal charges.

She said the first incident was a significant assault, with the victim suffering fractured ribs and losing four teeth.

Mann was arrested in Hamilton on Wednesday after appearing at court in relation to an intervention order.

Police allege that on March 2 there was a second incident after Mr Mann argued with the victim on Facebook messenger.

Mr Mann was invited to a Dean Court address to fight and he arrived late at night with an unknown man who was armed with a hammer.

Mr Mann went to the front door and the victim kicked at him, forcing him back.

He and the man armed with the hammer made a second attempt to get in the front door but the victim and his partner refused to let them in.

During a struggle,  the front door and door handle were damaged.

Neighbours from both sides of the victim’s address came out of their homes and identified Mr Mann although no one knows the man who had the hammer. 

Witnesses said Mr Mann made threats, saying: "We're going to kill ya" and "I'm coming back with a shotgun".

In outlining custody management issues, Mr Mann said he was withdrawing from drug use, he took medication for a bipolar condition and it was his first time in police custody.

The magistrate ordered that Mr Mann be medically assessed and denied bail, saying Mr Mann was an unacceptable risk to endanger members of the community.

Earlier: A 26-YEAR-OLD Hamilton man has been charged with offences after he and another unknown offender, who was armed with a hammer, harassed a victim.

He was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, interviewed, charged and remanded in custody overnight to appear in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Thursday for a bail/remand hearing.

The man has been charged with make threats to kill, causing damage, trespass, unlawful assault and committing offences while on bail. 

The accused was already on bail charged with similar violent offending.

Police allege the man and an unknown co-accused, who was armed with a hammer, went to a Dean Court address on March 2.

They fronted the victim and attempted to engage in a fight.

The charged man also attempted to enter the property, but the victim managed to kick at him and the accused fell backwards.

There was a struggle, during which the front door and a handle were damaged.

It's alleged that threats were made, and the accused man said: "We're going to kill ya" and "I'm coming back with a shotgun".