​​Glen Russell fined $1200 for possessing cannabis

A CANNABIS user caught with enough drugs to last him about nine months has been fined $1200.

​​​Glen Vincent Russell, 45, of Laverock Road, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to drug offences but a charge of trafficking was withdrawn.

Police said that at 12.50pm on November 11 Russell was intercepted driving a blue Holden Commodore utility in Warrnambool Bromfield Street.

A search of the vehicle located zip lock and vacuum sealed bags of cannabis – a total of 269 grams - but nothing else was uncovered at his home.

Russell admitted the cannabis belonged to him, he had just bought it from another person and he smoked about one gram each night to assist with his back pain.

Defence counsel Jessica Tinetti said her client had been out of trouble for some time but had two prior court appearances, the last resulting in community work at a cemetery in 2009.

She said he bought the drugs for personal use, his father passed away mid last year and Russell was now living with his mother while working on a dairy farm, where he was considered a reliable employee.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Russell had been self-medicating with cannabis, which was illegal.

She warned he could be subjected to more police attention as he was now a known drug user.

The magistrate added that there was a link between cannabis use and mental health issues.