Budj Bim closer to World Heritage accolade

The Budj Bim landscape.
The Budj Bim landscape.

The World Heritage Centre has formally accepted for assessment the nomination for the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape.

Passing this hurdle means Budj Bim is one step closer to inclusion on the World Heritage List.

Budj Bim, near Lake Condah, is home to its Gundijtmara traditional owners.

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell said she was thrilled. 

“Our local indigenous history should be celebrated and shared – world heritage listing will ensure that happens,” she said. 

“For many years the traditional owners have been working for this recognition of their sacred country. It’s the hard work of people like, Damien Bell, Dennis Rose Michael Bell who have worked to see this to fruition.”

Mrs Britnell said Budj Bim is the first Australian place nominated solely for its Aboriginal cultural values. 

She said a world heritage listing would be recognition of the important role the landscape plays in the lives of the Gunditjmara People.

“For at least 6,500 years, the Gunditjmara have used a highly sophisticated aquaculture system, developed on the remains of a lava flow,” she said.

“The Gunditjmara engineered channels to manage and divert water and ensure a sustainable supply of kooyang or eels. Even today this aquaculture system continues to be actively managed by Gunditjmara.”