Horoscopes: week beginning March 4, 2018

ARIES: Arians are at a peak of performance under the current Full Moon, carrying you towards success in your chosen work endeavours. This is because you’re organised and have attended to detail. You will feel and look good in the weeks to March 31, attracting people and money to you, especially on March 19-21. Relationships should run a smoother course during this time.

TAURUS: The Current Full Moon casts its benefic glow over children, romance, talents and creativity. The development of potential in these areas reaches an annual culmination then. You should be able to find some peace of mind over personal issues in the twenty-four days from March 7. There will also be a lot of pleasure in helping others.

GEMINI: The current Full Moon highlights the potential of home, family and property. This is an important time annually, as whatever is set in motion now sets the pace for the coming year. Whilst there will be a greater accent on the more pleasurable aspects of life in the twenty-four days from March 7, Gemini natives will also appreciate spending time alone.

CANCER: Cancerians are able to bring important plans, contracts and negotiations to fruition during the weeks leading up to the current Full Moon. Life is ripe with potential now. Your ambitions will be given a new lease of life until March 31, enabling you to take enormous strides forward. Friends are assets during this time, with March 19-21 highlighting these trends.

LEO: This time of year can indicate potential weaknesses in Leo’s financial structure, so it is important to check the state of your finances and possessions and ensure all is in order. Success in studies, legal matters, travel, and through advertising or foreign affairs is more likely in the twenty-four days between March 7 and March 31, especially on March 19-21.

VIRGO: The Current Full Moon seems to imbue Virgo natives with ambition, as they ride a wave to success from past efforts. Friendships create a wonderful bond of empathy now. You are more likely to have access to extra funds until March 31, making life a little easier. Opinions over rather contentious issues may need to be examined.

LIBRA: Librans need to be cautious in their dealings at the moment as the consequences of past actions are likely to catch up with them: this may be good or bad, depending upon the past. You can look forward to a closer and more fulfilling relationship in the twenty-four days from March 7, if that is what you desire. Business partnerships are likely to thrive then.

SCORPIO: Scorpio has been building towards personal accomplishments and this current Full Moon is the approximate time frame when such will be achieved. You’ll share your joy with friends. More pleasant conditions on the work scene make your life a little easier in the twenty-four days from March 7. You will also be able to resolve any difficulties with relative ease.

SAGITTARIUS: The Virgoan Full Moon emphasises the potential of career in Sagittarian lives, allowing you to reap the benefits from your efforts during the past year. Your social life, and time spent with children or romantic interest will bring you increased pleasure in the twenty-four days from March 7. Work will also be more enjoyable than usual.

CAPRICORN: The current Full Moon represents a time of accomplishment in legal, academic and foreign endeavours for Capricorn natives. Travel and successful partnerships are also indicated. The twenty-four days from March 7 will be a wonderful time to bring a touch of beauty into your home. More enjoyable times will be shared with family members then.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians tend to feel vulnerable at this time of year, mostly to do with finances, love, work or health. You need to be practical about such issues now. Your words and ideas will reflect an inner peace during the coming twenty-four days from March 7. Many of you will have family members staying for a while.

PISCES: Accompanying the current Full Moon, Piscean love lives and partnerships will flourish on the back of developments during the past twelve months. This is a high point of your year. The flow of money should be reasonable in the coming twenty-four days from March 7, making it easier for you to balance the budget. Business matters should flourish then.

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