Adam Parker jailed for three months charged ​with trafficking ice

​A WARRNAMBOOL man only out of jail for a week has been jailed for time served and placed on a corrections order after being caught with a significant stash of ice.

Adam Parker, 3​8​, of Bolden Avenue,  appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday for a contest mention hearing charged with trafficking ice and associated offences. 

Police said they received a report of a suspicious vehicle in ​Warrnambool's ​McGregors Road soon after midnight on October 30 last year.

They went to a driveway where they found Parker asleep​ in the driver's seat with the keys in the ignition​. 

He had an ice pipe​,​ with remnants of a white crystal substance in the pipe​,​ at his feet.

When he woke up he was incoherent and a container was found ​in ​ the waist band of his pants. 

Parker had nine grams of ice,​ with a street value of​ $3600, as well as about 30 empty deal bags, $450 of cash, a pocket knife and digital scales.

​He has 15 pages of prior court appearances and only finished a jail term a week ​before​ being arrested.

Parker was jailed in late September for 70 days after being caught with illicit substances and weapons.

At that time he had already spent 45 days in custody, which was counted as time served.

Solicitor Kieran Celestina said his instructions were that his client had won abut $500 at a bowls club on poker machines the night before being arrested, the drugs were for his own use and he had a lawful excuse for having the knife.

He said his client had already served 94 days in pre-sentence detention before being released on ​bail with the support of the ​Court Integrated Services Program on January 30.

Mr  Celestina said his client’s only other drug prior matter was possessing meth amphetamine in 2013 although Parker had been a drug user for a number of years. 

The magistrate said if Parker pleaded guilty to trafficking meth​ ​amphetamine, based on having three times the traffickable quantity in his possession​ as well as scale and deal bags​, he would impose a sentence of time already served plus a community corrections order. 

Parker was jailed for three months but his time served was counted and he did not go into custody.

Mr Saines said Parker had been caught with a “very  substantial”  quantity of methamphetamine which had involved a major financial investment.

He said if Parker continued to offend he would ​just be ​be sentenced to longer and longer jail terms.

Parker was also immediately placed on a 15 month community corrections order with conditions he do 100 hours ​of ​ community work as well as treatment, rehabilitation and random screening for drug use.