Hamilton man, 32, remanded in custody to appear in court

A garden hose has been used to whip an anti-drug step-father in Hamilton.
A garden hose has been used to whip an anti-drug step-father in Hamilton.

UPDATE, Tuesday, 7.30am: HAMILTON man accused of whipping his step-father with a garden hose, ​after he threw out his bong,​ has been refused bail.

Benjamin Khawli, 32, of McMillan Street, unsuccessfully applied for bail ​after appearing in the Warrnambool Magistrate Court charged with three offences​, causing criminal damage, unlawful assault and committing offences while on bail.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Mr Khawli was in court last year on serious charges and his prior court appearances were a significant concern. 

Mr Khawli was remanded in custody to appear in the Hamilton Magistrates Court on March 7​ via a video link​.

The magistrate said bail was refused because of the nature and seriousness of the charges, the strength of the police case and the accused’s significant criminal history.

Among ​the​ biggest hurdles for Mr Khawli is that he has to find a new home after now being banned from his step-father’s address.

Mr Khawli told the magistrate he had recently obtained work and things were starting to looked up before the recent incident.

He denied assaulting his step-father and said his brother could not be in court to say he could live with him because he had also just started a new job and couldn’t have time off work.

“I’m in a bit of a poor situation,” he said.

Mr Khawli said bruises on his face were caused by falling off his bike and being king hit.

Monday: A DRUG user who whipped his step-father with a hose after he threw out his bong will appear in court on Monday.

Warrnambool police Sergeant James van Engelen said the 32-year-old man returned to his Hamilton home at 1.30am last Friday and couldn't find his cannabis smoking implement.

"He's got home, couldn't find his bong and confronted his step-father, who said he threw it out because he didn't want drugs in their home," he said.

"​The accused became angry, went outside and twice kicked a roller door, which came out of its groove. Damage has been estimated at $1000."

​Sergeant van Engelen said the victim sprayed his step-son with a hose, prompting the accused to front up to and then shirt-front his step-father.

"​He's then got hold of the hose and whipped the victim​," he said.

"Police have later that day attended and arrested the man. He was remanded in custody to appear in the Warranmbool court on Monday charged with ​​causing criminal damage​, unlawful assault and committing offences while on bail," he said.

The man will be in court on Monday for a bail/remand hearing.