Celebration of old and new on day two of the Sungold Field Days | Photos

Farming history is mixing with the latest in agriculture at the Sungold Field Days.

Vintage implements stand alongside multi-million dollar technology, and while there are plenty of eyes on the shiny new models, there is also lots of interest in relics from days past. 

Among the punters more interested in the old than the new is New South Wale’s Stephen Carter.

Mr Carter has brought down his collection of antique milk separators, milk cans and butter churns, many dating back to the early 1900s.

His “pride and joy” is an Alfa Laval Number 1 dating back to 1930, which he found in a tip.

The former dairy farmer has been collecting for 20 years, finding germs wherever he can.

Mr Carter founded the Cream Separator Collectors Association of Australia in July. 

The group has 30 members and counting and Mr Carter said new faces were always welcome.

On day two of the field days, the Country Women’s Association was embracing traditions. Warrnambool Day Branch president Pam Andrew was plying wool on a old-fashioned spinning wheel to prepare it for knitting.

Mrs Andrew said it took 20 hours to entwine enough wool to for a scarf, and months to have enough to knit a jumper.

Not far away, the Western Victorian Axemen’s Association was also keeping up a pioneer tradition with its axe throwing and wood chopping competitions.

Among the more breathtaking of the displays was the double wood chop, with both Bobby Price and Scott Anderson cutting at the same time to get through a 14-inch log.

​The action continues on Friday for the final day of Sungold Field Days 2018.