Looking back at the south-west in February 1986

Our focus this week is what was making news in Warnnambool back in February, 1986. 

Some tough questions on everything from sport, a day at the beach and a night at the theatre.

1.Heavy machinery was used to do what at Warrnambool’s main beach?

a Rebuilt sand dunes

b dredge the bay 

cClear away seaweed

2.Which Australia actor starred in a stage show of A Sentimental Bloke that came to Warrnambool?

a Graham Kennedy

b John Jarratt

c John Waters

3.Hot Chocolate played at the Lady Bay Hotel. Which singer later covered their hit It Started with a Kiss?

a James Reyne

b Neil Finn

c Paul Kelly

4.First division in Tattslotto was what amount?

a $1,370,000

b $805,000

c $1,017,000

5. The historic Nestles workers cottages at Dennington were:

a Still standing but vacated

b Still being lived in

c Hot been demolished

6. Which new school opened its doors in Warrnambool?

a Warrnambool Special Development School

b King’s College 

c St Pius

7. A Warrnambool man was arrested after stealing three chickens from which fast food outlet?

a Kentucky Fried Chicken

b Red Rooster 

c Ollie’s Trolley

8.Who was named as a headline act at the upcoming 10th Port Fairy Folk Festival?

a Eric Bogle

b Redgum

c Mental as Anything

9. Conservation, Forests and Lands minister Joan Kirner banned what being constructed at Albert Park in Warrnambool?

a Skate park

b BMX track

c Bus Shelters

10.Which state agency announced it would establish a new $1 million depot in Warrnambool?

a State Electricity Commission

b Commonwealth Employment Services

c Country Roads Board

11. Warrnambool Football Club appointed Grant Thomas as its new coach. How old was the former St Kilda player at the time?

a 30

b 27

c 28

12. What quirky race was part of the Wunta Fiesta weekend?

a Barefoot boat race

b Three-legged race

c Beer-can boat race 

13. Warrnambool’s mayor at the time was?

a Toni McCormack

b Ron Patterson

c  Glenys Philpot

Answers: 1-c. 2-b. 3-c. 4-a. 5-a. 6-b. 7-b. 8-a. 9-c. 10-a. 11-c. 12-a. 13-b.


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