​ ​Peterborough SES rescue woman who fled from flasher​

​A WOMAN at a Peterborough beach confronted by a man who exposed himself in front of her was that scared she scales cliffs, became trapped and had to be rescued.

Port Campbell police Sergeant David Banks said the woman was by herself at Peterborough's Massacre Bay when she was approached by the man at 3.15pm Thursday.

"The man with a distinctive tattoo started masturbating himself in front of her," he said.

"The woman was so frightened she took off up a cliff face and hid from the offender. But, she became trapped by the incoming tide and had to be rescued by State Emergency Service volunteers."

Sergeant Banks said the volunteers guided the woman through crashing waves back to the nearby car park.

He said police would speak to the woman again on Friday with the aim of getting a photofit description of the man which would be released to the public in an effort to identity the offender.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.