Ty Mclarty jailed for 14 days after threatening to kill DHHS worker

​A DSGRUNTLED sex offender who threatened to stab and kill a Department of Health and Human Services worker has been jailed for two weeks.

Ty Mclarty, ​35, of Casino Court, Portland, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to making a threat to kill.

Police said that Mclarty was a registered sex offender who had been involved with DHHS.

On January 2 Mclarty had an appointment with a Western District Employment Access staff member during which he threatened to kill a DHHS worker. 

He was arrested the following day, made full admissions and explained he was tired, upset and angry at the time he made the comments. 

Defence counsel Amanda Chambers said her client had moved to Portland 12 months ago to be closer to family.

She said Mclarty had also moved out of his unit in Portland so a family friend could have a holiday and he had slept on the Portland beach for a couple of nights early last week.

Ms Chambers said the woman had now finished her holiday, moved out and Mclarty could move back into his home. 

She said her client was suspected to have mental health issues and took anti-psychotic medication.

“It’s conceded this was a next level threat. Mr Mclarty was treating the appointment like a counselling session, he became angry and made an inappropriate comment,” Ms Chambers said.

“I’m told he will never repeat this behaviour.”

 Mclarty said he was very sorry about the words he chose to use and he had no intention of carrying out the threat.

“It was pure stupidity your honour, pure stupidity,” he said.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Mclarty had significant prior criminal offences and he had now been involved in more serious and concerning behaviour.

She said if there was any repetition of the offending then Mclarty could expect to be imprisoned for a significant period of time.