Cannabis stays in a driver's system for up to 28 days

WARRNAMBOOL police are continually warning drug drivers they can test positive up to 28 days after using illicit substances.

Cannabis users can go positive up to almost a month after using and those who take crystal methyl amphetamine – or ice – can test positive for up to a fortnight.

The maximum penalties for a first-time drug driver include a fine of up to almost $2000 and a minimum of three months off the road.

A second time drug driver can be fined almost $10,000 and is disqualified from driving for a minimum of six months.

For subsequent offences the fines range up to almost $20,000.

Warrnambool police Senior Sergeant Shane Keogh said all driver shoulds be aware that officers were targeting motorists impaired by drugs.

“That should be no surprise,” he said.

“These laws have been in place for a number of years and oral fluid drug tests are now routine.

The experienced officer said he was stunned a Warrnambool woman, believed to be drug affected was caught driving down the wrong side of Raglan Parade on Tuesday.

“It was 2am and she was driving down the wrong side of a dual highway without her headlights on,” Senior Sergeant Keogh said. “With the number of B-doubles number B doubles on the road, she was lucky she did not kill herself let alone anyone else on the road.”