Koroit Lions Club barbecue project

John Featherby at the Koroit Railway Station precinct.
John Featherby at the Koroit Railway Station precinct.

A DECISION on a proposed new community barbecue in Koroit is expected to be made next week.

At their December meeting this Tuesday, Moyne Shire councillors will vote on whether they will provide funding and approval for a barbecue at the Koroit Railway Station.

The barbecue project is being driven by the Koroit Lions Club.

The preferred option of the club is to build a barbecue which is ran by solar power.

The club has been unsuccessful in a bid to get $20,000 from Moyne’s community assistance fund, with council asking for more information.

Club members made a presentation to councillors in August where they aimed to answer any questions about the project.

The total estimate of the cost of the project is $80,000 with the Lions club having committed $40,000.

They have also been successful in attaining funding from the South West Community Foundation ($5000), the Uebergang Foundation ($5000), the Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation ($10,000) and the A.L. Lane Foundation ($1500).

The aim of the club is to build the solar-powered barbecue and hand it over to council to maintain going forward.

Tuesday’s vote will centre around whether council allocate the $20,000 to the club and if that funding would be for a solar-powered barbecue or one driven by a traditional electric power source.

The latter option would include a power upgrade at the station precinct with the total cost of this option coming in at the lower cost of $60,000.

Despite this lower cost, Koroit Lions Club member John Featherby said the solar option remains at the top of the wish-list.

“Our preferred option is the clean, green solar model,” Mr Featherby said.

“While it would be more costly to build, the long-term costs going forward would be minimal.

“The information we have received from the solar manufacturers is that there would be no maintenance or battery update needed for between 10-15 years. We think it would be a great asset for the Koroit community.”