New parking meter anger

Feedback about Warrnambool new parking meters has been mixed, with residents taking to the city council’s facebook page to express their feelings.

Many residents are not impressed with the rollout of the hi-tech solar powered machines. 

Kerry Walker said she had witnessed people having trouble working the new meters. “A whole heap of us had awful trouble this morning, we all just gave up and parked anyway,” she wrote.

“When I came back there was another lot of people trying to work it out.

“I hate them. Warrnambool council you are driving everyone out to Gateway.”

Sue Fowler said the machines were “far too complicated for us oldies”.

She said she wouldn’t “shop down the street now” and retailers would “miss out”.

The meters take coins and can be paid for by credit card.

Parking times can be managed via a mobile phone app.

A council spokesman said the meters were “working well”.

“People have successfully activated thousands of parking sessions through the new meters and several hundred people have signed up to use the app,” he said.

“The meters are helping with the turnover of cars in parking spaces.

“Our Local Laws team has been out and about explaining how the new meters work and distributing how to leaflets.

“People have told us they want a record of when their parking session expires so we are recommending they print out a receipt which tells them when their parking session expires.”

The spokesman said the council was recording feedback and would look at progressive improvements to make the system more flexible.

He acknowledged the meters had been installed in some areas of the city centre which previously had been free, but time-limited parking.

These areas include the southern blocks of Liebig, Kepler and Fairy streets.

“The primary benefit of the pay-by-plate system is that people don’t have to print out a ticket and walk back to their car to display it on the dashboard.” the spokesman said.

“They can book their parking session and keep going.” 

The spokesman advised people to visit for further information, tips and video links on the new meters.

“Hourly parking rates are unchanged with the rollout of the new system,” he said.

“Revenue from parking goes to maintaining car parks (linemarking, lights, road sealing and CCTV cameras) and to projects such as building new pedestrian links and shared pathways.”