Dale Kennett pleads guilty to 17 charges

Dale Kennett has been jailed for six months after stealing this Holden Monaro.
Dale Kennett has been jailed for six months after stealing this Holden Monaro.

A PORTLAND man who spent a $40,000 inheritance on ice and was involved in stealing a much loved $50,000 Holden Monaro has been placed on a corrections order.

Dale Kennett, ​50, ​of ​Arkell Court, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to a range of ​17 ​serious charges.

The disability pensioner had already spent 164 days in police custody.

He was jailed for six months so will be released from custody in the next couple of weeks.

Kennett has a long history of offending, mental health issues and drug abuse problems, specifically relating to ice.

In April last year Kennett’s mother passed away, leave ng her son $40,000 which he spent on ice at the   time of the offending.

The court heard that when Kennett takes medication and stays away from drugs he is capable of being a responsible member of the community.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Kennett was an opportunistic thief who had a range of issues and had seriously assaulted a woman.

A solicitor said Kennett’s son died in late October after a car accident near Mount  Gambier. 

Kennett was also involved in a massive drug overdose and has suffered two heart attacks, one recently while in prison. 

Police said that in early November last  year Kennett was livng at Portland’s Banyan Crescent.

He was aware a Holden Monaro was housed in a nearby shed.

That car was stolen after the lock was cut, along with a range of others goods including fishing rods and nets, a spit and a grill.

Two weeks later police executed a search warrant and found the Monaro in th back yard of an Arkell Court property under a cover. 

Kennett’s former partner also bought an 14-foot aluminium boat and 25 horse power motor for $3000.

In mid May Kennett went fishing but the boat took on water and had to be beached.

Kennett went to hospital suffering hypothermia.

The boat and motor were reported missing.

The woman told police she was assaulted by Kennett who demanded she insure the boat and then claim on that insurance.

The woman claimed she was dragged around by the hair until she put in place the insurance policy for $8400.

Kennett also stole a pair of bolt cutters and a 15-horsepower boat engine from Mount Gambier valued at $1800.

He was also involved in the theft of a television from a motel but couldn’t use it because he didn’t have the TV’s password. 

Other charges related to bashing the woman​.​

The CCO includes conditions for drug and mental health assessment, treatment and rehabilitation and programs as requested.