Deane Lancaster fined $1200 for unlawful assault

​A WARRNAMBOOL magistrate has suggested a couple both think about contributing to a $1200 fine after a drunken fight.

Deane Lancaster, 42, of Moonah Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to unlawful assault.

Police said that on March 24 Lancaster and his partner went to Horsham for a country music festival and stayed in a tent at a caravan park. 

They started arguing about 9pm and and at 1.30am the next morning things turned physical.

The victim abused Lancaster about his criminal history, he became upset and grabbed her around the throat, prompting the woman to bite him.

Lancaster threw a stubble at hern, hitting the woman to a forearm and causing bruising.

She threw the stubbie back and hit him in the head.

Police officers arrived but couldn’t interview Lancaster because he was intoxicated.

When he did talk to officers, Lancaster said he had been laughing at the woman because she fell out of their tent. 

Defence counsel Xavier Farrelly said his client was engaged with support service Wellways, Lancaster represented other clients and attended conferences. 

He said Lancaster was aiming to start a lawn mowing business and had recently been working in the shearing industry. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Lancaster’s behaviour had been out of line which led to a nasty physical assault, but it was not all one way.

She imposed the fine, telling Lancaster not to come back.

“Don’t let yourself down,” she said, suggesting it would be up to the  woman if she wanted to contribute to the fine.