Passengers take buses to Melbourne

THE Warrnambool 9.18am train to Melbourne was cancelled this morning with passengers moved onto buses.

V/Line tweeted the disruption was due to a train fault.

The incident comes after passengers were left stranded at Camperdown last week.

The 5.35pm service on Wednesday night to Melbourne stopped at Camperdown due to a train fault, with passengers left waiting for replacement buses.

The 7.13pm service from Southern Cross was then cancelled “due to major congestion at Camperdown station”. Passengers had to take the 7.25pm Geelong train and then board buses to complete the journey.

Thursday’s 9.18am Warrnambool-Southern Cross train was also replaced by buses due to the train fault, V/Line said.

A woman on board Wednesday’s 5.35pm service, Kaye, said the replacement bus didn’t arrive at Melbourne’s Southern Cross until about 11.30pm and described the service to that of a Third World.

More to come.