Blair Clarke, Brad Hinkley and Andrew King fined $3500 each

THREE “nit wits” P-players who poured oil on a beach road speed bump to encourage hoon driving have been each fined $3500.

Andrew King, 21, of Eddington Street, Warrnambool, Brad Hinkley, 20, of Fenton Street, Camperdown and Blair Clarke, 19, of Cobden-Warrnambool Road, Glenfyne, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to reckless conduct endangering serious injury. 

They were each not convicted, fined $3500 and ordered to pay $579.24 for the two-hour clean up performed by the Warrnambool fire brigade and Warrnambool City Council staff. 

Viaduct Road was closed during the clean up, which caused some of the 100 weddings guests at The Pavillion to walk to Pertobe Road to catch a taxis.

The offenders were also ordered to do a road safety awareness course, which costs about $1500.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said she was left almost speechless by the stupidity of the offending, which happened in front of a crowd of 40 vehicles and 100 spectators.

She said it was “really dumb”, that a significant message needed to be sent to the community and the charge carried a maximum jail term of 10 years’ imprisonment.

The magistrate said it was clear that the accused young men regretted their actions, but they had potentially put lives at risk and it was completely unacceptable behaviour.

“It’s impromptu idiotic behaviour, but you are all young and capable of being rehabilitated. Yes you are nitwits. What were you thinking?” Ms Toose asked.

“I’m sure your parents have said plenty to you and what they said was right. Your actions could have had catastrophic repercussions resulting in a death and you could be facing serving years in jail.”

Ms Toose said the trio were good members of the community when they weren’t hatching ridiculous plans. 

She said hoon driving and associated offences were so serious that parliament was considering fining people for even watching such activities.

Police said that at about 10.30pm on March 24 car owners and others gathered at Viaduct Road after a gathering organised through the Southwest Vic Car Scene Facebook page. 

King provided the oil and Hinkley and Clarke were involved in pouring it on the speed hump.

Police attended after complaints were received from the public and officers  found 40 vehicles and about 100 people in attendance. 

The road was closed during the clean up as oil had spread over about 100 metres of the roadway. 

The accused men admitted their actions could have led to crashes and significant injuries.​