Petition requests free morning parking in city centre

A petition requesting free parking in Warrnambool’s CBD will be considered by the city.

Warrnambool City Council received a petition with 37 signatures at its Monday meeting, requesting that it provide free 90-minute car parking in Parkers and Ozone car parks for the next two years up.

The petition proposes free parking up to midday to entice shoppers to the city centre.

The petition says “while work has been in progress in the CBD, the impact to businesses and the inconvenience to the public has been far greater and bigger than initially thought”.

The petition acknowledges the renewal “will be a great asset for Warrnambool” but is pushing for three free hours of parking. 

It has been signed by Liebig Street and other CBD shop owners and managers.

It highlights that the city centre renewal works ahve been extended until 2019, therefore disruption to businesses and inconvenience to the public will occur for longer than initially thought.

The councillors did not debate the petition, passing it 6-0 for consideration.

Cr Mike Neoh abstained from voting due to a conflict of interest. 

The report said a response will be sent to the person who submitted the petition, to inform them of the council process.

In accordance with Local Laws, the petition has been referred to the chief executive Bruce Anson for a report to be brought forward at a future council meeting.