Police and emergency services attend accident

The HEMS-4 at the Macarthur accident scene on Tuesday.
The HEMS-4 at the Macarthur accident scene on Tuesday.

UPDATE, Wednesday, 8.15am: A Coleraine man in his 60s is lucky to be alive after suffering a diabetic episode prior to being found on the side of a Macarthur Road. 

Senior Constable Corey Holland, of the Warrnambool police highway patrol unit, said an incident unfolded Ripponhurst Road early afternoon with emergency services alerted at 1.26pm on Tuesday.

The man was located by a member of the public off the side of the road barely conscious in extremely hot conditions.

“Indications at the scene were that the man was driving very erratically before coming to rest possibly due to a medical condition,” Senior Constable Holland said.

“The HEMS helicopter was dispatched and did attended but the driver made a substantial recovery roadside and no longer required to be air transported.

“He was taken by road ambulance the Hamilton Base Hospital.”

Senior Constable Holland said the man was driving a Jeep four-wheel-wheel station wagon and engaged in “some very weird driving” prior to coming to rest.

“He was on G Dysons Road where he has driven through scrub on the roadside and impacted with a couple of large boulders and a road sign,” he said.

“He did a U-turn and continued west and then north-west onto Ripponhurst Road where he went off-road and through a fence and into a paddock.

“He then went back through the same fence and onto opposite side of the road before coming to rest.”

The highway patrol officer said emergency services personnel were worried about the driver.

“We had great concerns roadside for some time but then fortunately he made a sharp recovery,” he said.

“It was very fortunate the driver was located by a member of the public, especially as he was stuck in his car in that heat after suffering a medical condition,” Senior Constable Holland said.

Tuesday: A MAN was trapped in his car after a single vehicle accident near Macarthur on Tuesday afternoon.

An ambulance joined police at the scene of the accident on Ripponhurst Road.

Warrnambool police said the man was freed from the vehicle and taken to Hamilton Base Hospital.

Hamilton police said it was initially thought the man could be airlifted to Melbourne but he was able to stay at Hamilton Base Hospital to be treated.

It is believed the man crashed after suffering a medical episode.