Update: Police urge parents to act quickly on hot days

UPDATE: CONCERNED parents did the right thing when they called police after their child became locked in their car.

Sergeant Jason Dance, of Warrnambool police, said the temperature in cars could increase quickly.

“Temperature increases really quickly so it’s important immediate action is taken, Sergeant Dance said.

He said police were notified of the incident and were able to free the child without incident.

“It was an unfortunate incident, the child had accidentally locked themself in,” Sergeant Dance said.

“If you have no immediate way to access the car and they’re concerned about the health of the child, call police or the fire brigade or just try and gain entry.”

EARLIER: EMERGENCY services were called to Bunnings carpark when a young child became locked in a car.

A police spokesman said the child was accidentally locked in the car.

An ambulance attended, but the child is believed to be fine after emergency services gained access to the vehicle.