Police investigate cause of unusual accident in Colac, cars extensively damaged

A COLAC driver in his 40s has been taken to hospital after running into two parked cars in Colac's main street.

​The driver was heading east ​​in a white older model Holden Astra ​when he collided with a Kia and Mazda sedans in Murray Street at 9.30am on Monday.

​The impact was so great that o​ne of the cars ended up on the footpath.

​Damage to all the vehicles was extensive, they had to be towed from the scene and the Kia was described as an insurance write-off.

​The driver was taken to Colac hospital with a head injury as the older model Astra did not have an air bag and he hit his head on the steering wheel.

A police spokeswoman said it was extremely fortunate that no one was in the parked vehicles at the time of the collision.

​Police investigation into the cause of the accident are continuing although it was suggested the driver may have fallen asleep.​

It is standard practice for a blood sample to be taken from driver when they attend at hospital after being involved in an accident.