Damien Leonard banned from driving for two years after twice driving in a dangerous manner

A MEAT worker has been fined $2500 and lost his licence for two years after speeding and erratic driving involving overtaking cars and putting other road users at risk.

Damien Phillip Leonard, 20, of Camerons Lane, Berembroke, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to two counts of driving in a dangerous manner and refusing to do an alcohol breath test.

He appeared in Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a contest mention and pleaded guilty to a reduced number of charges.

Police said that on the evening of February 5 P-plater Leonard was driving a white Subaru Forester station wagon east on the Princes Highway near Panmure with the rear windscreen missing.

Two separate witnesses described Leonard driving at least at 160km/h and overtaking vehicles.

He approached and overtook one witness on the left-hand side and then crossed double lines to overtake other vehicles.

He then went to Warrnambool, entered Karen Street and Caroville Drive, where he left large skid marks.

An expert said that Leonard  would have been driving at least at 75km/h in the 50 zone and probably quicker.

A witness described Leonard driving up on a curb where he had been standing moments before and then re-entering the roadway.

Police officers were called, found a dozen Carlton Dry beers in the car and there was plant material stuck underneath the vehicle.

Leonard  admitted driving from Geelong and refused to accompany police for an alcohol breath test.

He told the magistrate he was working at a Corangamite meatworks and needed his licence to drive.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said it was lucky no one was injured by Leonard 's erratic and dangerous driving.