Corey Bell on corrections order for regular offending

A HOMELESS man with mental health issues charged with threatening and assaulting shop staff has been placed on a community corrections order after spending 87 days in jail.​

Corey Bell, 42, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to 13 charges including threatening to inflict serious injury, unlawful assault, trespass and three weapons offences.​

Magistrate Peter Mellas said a corrections order may help the way Bell sees the world if he can​ reduce his cannabis use. 

He told Bell he had a long-term illness which influenced the way he thought things through and dealt with people.

The magistrate said it was very concerning that Bell had been found in possession of knives a number of times and he needed to refrain from substance abuse if he wanted to stay away from police, courts and jail.

Mr Mellas said Bell spent 87 days in custody, which was a punitive element of sentencing and a new 18-month CCO would tackle drug and mental health issues. 

Bell will also have to return to court ​o​n January 16 for judicial monitoring to check on his progress with the new order. 

​Constable Paul McGovern previously told the court Bell visited Aussie Disposals in August after leaving items there the day before.

He was extremely aggressive and threatening to a staff member.

Staff at the Seanchai Irish pub contacted Warrnambool police later the ​same ​day after Bell left two knives at the bar.

Bell ​also ​went to the Telstra shop at Gateway Plaza while armed with 7.5cm scissors.

He made contact with the manager's chest while making an aggressive comment and the manager feared he was going to be more seriously assaulted.

Bell was seen in the Deakin University grounds where security staff warned him to leave or risk being charged with trespass.

​He returned and was located in the grounds again by security.

Bell also went back at the Telstra shop where he took an iPhone 6 case valued at $35.

The store manage approached Bell, confronted him and took back the case.

Bell returned to Deakin University, where he was found in possession of a box containing 53 bibles he had removed from the prayer room.

He was trying to hand out the bibles.

​Bell also took a pair of steel cap work boots from a home in Verdon Street and was caught on security camera footage and identified.