Aaron Pennell accept jail sentence indication

​A MAN covered in soot, who has been charged with breaking into a home which was destroyed by fire, will next week be sentenced to serve five months in jail.

​Aaron ​P​ennell, also known as Van Someren, 33, of Owen Street, Warrnambool, ​appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court charged with 29 offences ​for a contest mention hearing.

He accepted a sentence indication of the jail term to be followed by a community corrections order, the same penalty imposed on a co-offender.​

Senior Constable Brooke Pollock previously told the court Mr Pennell was arrested ​in early July.

She said at 8.45am she and her partner went to Warrnambool's Ryan Court, where Pennell ​was in the driveway.

There was a warrant out for his arrest and Pennell ​was taken into custody.

Pennell ​was asked to turn out his pockets and what he had in his pockets was covered in soot and ash. 

Police allege Mr Pennell ​had been in a house which had burnt down in the past couple of months searching for items of value.

Senior Constable Pollock said the former resident of the home contacted police after finding a bag containing a firearm, which was stolen at Purnim the ​previous ​weekend.

There was also a receipt in the bag and security camera footage at a supermarket showed Pennell ​had been at Coles.

On June 18 Mr Pennell ​and a co-accused were in the Wanstead Street area when police received reports of two men breaking into cars.

When approached by police Pennell ​had black gloves, two diaries ​​believed to be stolen from one of the cars, as well as a backpack, tyre lever, pliers and a shifter.

​​The co-accused had mail from other victims, a Pepsi can and investigations indicated seven cars had been broken into in Marlee Court, Mitchell Street and McGregors Road.

Pennell ​was also alleged to have been involved in a burglary at Warrnambool College on January 30 with two other offenders during which an iPad and laptop computer were stolen.

Security camera footage of the burglary was released and a number of people identified Mr Pennell​.

​Pennell is being assessed for his suitability to do a community corrections order and his case will be finalised on Monday next week.​