Warrnambool detectives investigating how man suffered spinal injuries

UPDATE, Friday, 8.30am: MYSTERY surrounds how a man received spinal injuries in Warrnambool late Wednesday night.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Raven, of the Warrnambool police crime investigation unit, said police simply did not know how the man suffered the injuries.

Police were called to a Warrnambool Ocean Grove address about 11pm on Wednesday. 

A man was taken to the Warrnambool Base Hospital for assessment and treatment, found to be suffering spinal injuries and was transported by ambulance to The Alfred in Melbourne on Thursday morning.

​"We just don't know what’s happened to him," Detective Sergeant Raven said.

"Clearly something occurred​, we're ​not sure what ​​and we can't talk to him at the moment. The investigation is dependent on talking to the man."

Detective Sergeant Raven said people living in the street heard a commotion prior to police involvement.

"The man has suffered some sort of injury, but it didn't initially appear to be too serious, until assessments at the hospital revealed spinal injuries," he said.

​"It's all a bit of a mystery at this stage," he said.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Warrnambool CIU or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Information on the man’s condition is currently unavailable.

Thursday: ​A WARRNAMBOOL man in his 50s has been transported to a Melbourne hospital with spinal injuries after an incident in east Warrnambool overnight.

Detective Senior Constable Craig Wastell, of the Warrnambool police crime investigation unit, said police were called after an incident in Ocean Grove late on Wednesday night.

He said the man suffered injuries and was transported to Melbourne's The Alfred Hospital on Thursday morning about 9am.

Warrnambool CIU detectives are conducting an investigation into how the man suffered his injuries.

Uniform police officers guarded the potential crime scene overnight and detectives visited the man's home on Thursday morning as part of their investigations.

An Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman said the service was contacted about 11pm Wednesday.

She said the man was transported to the Warrnambool Base Hospital in a stable condition and then went by road to The Alfred on Thursday morning.