Aaron Pemberton imprisoned for five months

A MORTLAKE man charged with multiple drug trafficking offences​ has been jailed for five months.

Aaron Pemberton, 35, of Townsend Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to offences.​

Magistrate Cynthia Toose​ ​​imposed the jail term with 53 days counted as already served. 

That​ will be followed by a 12-month community corrections order with conditions ​Pemberton undertake assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs as requested.

The magistrate said Pemberton had committed a number of offences​ mostly related to his drug issues, including multiple counts of dealing drugs. 

​Ms Toose said the defendant had refused a driving drug test and he was now disqualified from driving for two years.

​She said he was also found with digital scales​, d​eal bags, text messages relating to drug dealing​, 34 grams of cannabis​ and three deal bags of ice​.

Pemberton travelled to the western suburbs ​o​f Melbourne​ to buy drugs and once bought illicit substances for $2500.

Ms Toose said she had received a number of medical reports which were extremely helpful and led to ​her better understanding why ​Pemberton had finished up in custody.

She said he was in a different category to many other offenders due to the brain lesions he suffered which had impacted in his health for a significant time. 

But she said those involved in multiple charges of trafficking drugs could only expect to receive prison terms.

"This is your opportunity to engage and change your life. Drugs of dependence have been a big issue ​for you ​and the ​neuro-​psychological reports as identified issues that may have been undiagnosed until now," she said.

Police intercepted P-plater Pemberton in October last year driving a V8 along the Hopkins Highway at west Purnim.

He tested positive for drugs​ and a search of the Holden sedan uncovered 34 grams of cannabis, 11.93 grams of ice in three bags as well as two mobile phones, digital scales, two ice pipes, deal bags and a syringe.

There were text messages on a phone related to drug dealing.

About six weeks later police raided Pemberton's home and found another mobile phone containing numerous messages related to more drug trafficking.