Jason Ford jailed for six months

A HEYWOOD man with a poor criminal history has been jailed for six months and warned if he doesn't comply with corrections orders he will be further imprisoned.

Jason William Ford, 40, of Ettrick Road, Heywood, or Kenna Avenue, Hamilton, pleaded guilty  in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court  charged with possessing ice, breaching court orders and bail offences.

Magistrate Noreen Toohey said Ford had a shocking criminal history which now involved a further two breaches of community corrections orders.

She said a report from the Office Of Corrections staff outlined a litany of order breaches dating back to 1997.

The magistrate said Ford regularly told courts he would make changes, then did not and chose to do whatever he wanted. 

She said the OOC did not want Ford back but she was imposing a jail sentence which would be followed by the existing now extended CCOs.

Ms Toohey requested OOC staff that if Ford failed to undertake drug tests, assessment or counselling that he be immediately brought back to court and another jail term would be imposed.

Ford was jailed for six months with 43 days of pre-sentence detention counted as served. 

In June he was jailed for the 51 days he had already served in custody, placed on a 15-month community corrections order with strict conditions, fined $800, and banned from driving for six months.

Ms Toohey said there was a note she had written on Ford's court file saying that he should be jailed if he had not complied with his current corrections order.

She said a report indicated Ford had been on 35 different orders in the past and he had breached 20 of them.

He has a history of drug use.