Blake Leslie fined and banned for drink driving

A DRINK driving P-plater who told police officers "you've got me" has lost his licence for 11 months.

​Blake Leslie, 20, of Breton Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court  and 

was not convicted and fined $700.

Police said that at 1.40am on July 12 police officers saw Leslie drive into the Tower Hill reserve and they followed him.

Leslie pulled over in the main car park, got out of his car and told the officers "you've got me man".

"You don't even need to do that," he added, referring to a preliminary breath test.

Leslie, a P-plater who was meant to have a zero blood alcohol level,  recorded an evidentiary reading of .112.

He had no reason for drink driving and knew he would be charged if intercepted by police.

Leslie said he was very sorry and the licence ban had a massive impact as he was working two jobs.

He said on the night of the incident he had been drinking alcohol with a mate, it was a quiet night and he decided to go for a drive.