Shane Northcott jailed for one month

‚ÄčAN offender recently released from jail who broke into his girlfriend's home and assaulted her has been imprisoned for another month.

Shane Northcott, 34, of McGregors Road, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to unlawful assault, causing damage and trespass.

He has prior court appearances for violence issues involving partners. 

At the weekend the woman arrived home and found Northcott had broken in through the back of her house, he refused to leave, she called police and officers found him hiding in a wardrobe.

There were holes in the walls and the woman claimed he punched her arms and stomach in the lead-up to their break-up.

The woman said she was scared of Northcott and feared for her life. 

Northcott claimed he had been cleaning the cupboards and that he was just chilling out.

He said he was addicted to speed and admitted prior court appearances.

In early June Northcott pleaded guilty to 25 charges involving weapons, failing to answer bail, ice and driving offences.

He had served 68 days in custody which was counted as served and deducted from a five-month jail term.

Northcott was also placed on a community correcations order which an Office Of Corrections staff member said he had not been complying with and breach proceedings were expected to be initiated.

This week Northcott was jailed for another month, with two days counted as served, and another corrections order will follow the prison stint.

Defence counsel Jack Rabl said his client had not been out of jail long but he conceded Northcott had been slow to engage with his corrections order.

He said Northcott had a long standing ice abuse issue which led to fragrant offending.

"He's talked about drug counselling with the Western Regional Drug and Alcohol Centre and also involvement in a men's behaviour change program," he said.

The solicitor said Northcott had now reconnected with his children, was clean and had an offer of work.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Northcott needed to get off meth amphetamine which she described as the scourge of society.

"You need to detox off ice and anyone involved in crimes of violence, with prior offences for similar matters, faces serving time in prison," she said.