Bail granted in incest cases

​A HAMILTON district couple have pleaded not guilty to 115 charges in relation to allegations they had sex with and in front of their daughters.

The father and mother, who cannot be named because that would identify the victims, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a committal hearing.

After reading the briefs of evidence, magistrate Cynthia Toose committed both to stand trial in the county court, saying she was satisfied there was sufficient evidence to support convictions.

The man appeared in court mid last year for a contested committal hearing in relation to associated charges. 

​Last week 46 charges laid on the man ​were withdrawn by the Office Of Public Prosecutions and ​they ​were replaced with 83 charges.

His wife had 14 charges withdrawn which were replaced by 32 charges. 

The charges include counts of incest, rape and committing indecent acts.

M​s ​Toose questioned why the couple were ​out on bail and ​living in the community.

Solicitor Tony Robinson​,​ act​ing​ for the father​, ​said his client had been on bail since mid last year and had complied with his bail conditions although he conceded there were now expanded allegations​ from the complainants​.

The OPP ​solicitor said he ​did not oppose bail. 

Ms Toose released the couple on bail with conditions that they live at a fixed address, surrender ​t​ravel documents, not contact witnesses, not attended points of international departure, not leave Victoria or Australia and not contact their children unless approved and only​ then​ if supervised.

She said the reason she was granting bail ​wa​s that it was not opposed by the prosecution. 

The case was adjourned ​until ​a directions hearing in the county court later this month.