Andrew Young to be bailed to attend rehab

​AN ice addict father who has progressed from driving while disqualified ​and selling dodgy electronics on websites to burglaries has been bailed to again attend a rehabilitation centre.

Andrew Young, 27, of Donovans Road, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Koori division of the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to about 30 charges.

The case was adjourned for further hearing on Thursday next week when magistrate Cynthia Toose said she would bail Young to attend at the Wulgunggo Ngalu ​L​earning ​P​lace.

Young will have to stay at the rehab centre for 21 days before being able to come home at weekends for visits.

​It's closed for three weeks over the Christmas break and Young would be expected to stay for between three and six months.​

Earlier this year Young was placed in the same rehab centre but left after only ​four ​days.

The magistrate warned Young that if he left the learning centre again a warrant would be issued for his arrest and he would not be granted bail.

Police opposed ​bail ​saying Young left last time, had had been placed on ​a number of ​corr​ec​tions orders during the past seven years, he had an ice habit and his offending was escalating. 

Ms Toose said if Young left he would breach his bail and all alternatives other than im​prisonment ​would be off the table. 

"The community g​ets​ cranky when people break into cricket or football clubs which are the basis of country society," she said.

"It all comes back to your ice use. If you can do the rehab and get off ice not only you​ ​but th​e​ community and your family will benefit.  

"If you come back to court you will be imprisoned for a significant time. You now have eight driving while disqualified charges ​alone ​as well as ​significant other prior offending.”

Elder Lenny Clarke said Koori courts were set up to stop the flow of Aboriginal people into jails but Young had run away from rehab last time and had again become a nuisance to the community. 

"Ice destroys all sections of society. It's an evil, evil drug," he said.

Young's offending involved driving offences, breaching a bail curfew, breaking into the Wesley-CBC Cricket Club facilities and stealing a blower and lawnmower and involvement in a burglary at South West Tools.

He also sold a Hummingbird fi​sh finder for $250 and a dish washer for $350 on ​Gumtree and a buy, swap and sell ​Facebook page.

The fish finder wasn't delivered and the dish washer didn't work​ even though Young hooked it up to power to show the electronics worked​. 

Young has nine pages of prior convictions. 

Defence counsel  Xavier Farrelly said his client had spent 66 days in custody and his offending had​ been​ committed to fund his drug habit. 

He said Young had trouble dealing with the stresses in his life, including the death of his father, he had a head-in-the-sand attitude and turned to substance abuse.