​ ​Jay Baillie remanded in custody until October 9

A TIMBOON offender released from jail last week after serving three months for smashing the windows of his former partner's car is now back in custody.

​Jay Baillie, 38,​ appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Tuesday, did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody until October 9 during a hearing that lasted only minutes.

He was arrested and charged with breaching a court order after being out of custody for just three days.

Baillie last month pleaded guilty​ in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court​ to a range of charges relating to incidents when he was separating from his long-time partner.​

He was jailed for seven months after indicating he would not comply with the conditions of a community corrections order because he wanted to visit his seriously ill sister overseas.​

But, Baillie appealed against the severity of the jail term in the Warrnambool County Court which was heard last week.

He had his sentence reduced to a three-month jail term to be followed by a corrections order that Baillie said he was now willing to do.

The three-month jail sentence was completed late last week and he was released from prison.​

But, Baillie is now back in custody after being arrested and charged with breaching a court order.

Last week judge Liz Gaynor imposed a CCO with conditions that included Baillie complete 150 hours of community work as well as assessment and treatment for drugs, alcohol and mental health, as well as programs to address offending behaviour.

The judge said Baillie’s behaviour had been pathetic, although time in custody meant he was now far more receptive to a corrections order.

​​Baillie said he wanted a chance to get out of jail, get a job and move on with his life.

Previously Baillie ​went to his former partner’s home in June armed with a homemade baseball bat, he knocked on the front door to make sure his ex-partner was aware he was there and then smashed car windows valued at $4581.99.

Police officers said security camera footage showed Baillie swung the bat 16 times in 20 seconds and broke five windows.

His solicitor previously said Baillie became fixated on $3000 that he believed he was ​owed to him by the woman’s brother.

Baillie was also ordered to pay $4581.99 compensation.