Leigh Agnew jailed for another three months ​

A DRUNK drug user imprisoned for five years and seven months after stabbing his former girlfriend with scissors has received more jail time​ ​​ after a road rage incident.

Leigh Anthony Craig Agnew, 31, of Wanstead Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty on Thursday in the​ Warrnambool Magistrates Court to two assault offences and associated charges.​​

He was jailed for six months with three months added to his existing county court sentence. 

​Agnew was also convicted, fined $1000​ and his licence was cancelled for four years after he failed to accompany police for an alcohol breath test.

​Police said that on November 10 last year a motorist was heading north on Caramut Road when he tried to turn into Fotheringham Street.

Agnew overtook him in a Ford, the victim stopped, words were exchanged and Agnew approached and punched the other driver through his open window.

The victim drove off, followed by Agnew, went towards the Warrnambool police station and ​called police.

​Officers intercepted Agnew, but he refused to accompany them to the station for a breath test.

 Agnew was also involved in a drunken altercation with friends when he belted a man he knew over the head with a stick, causing a significant wound to his head. 

That offending, and stealing a $70 bottle of bourbon by putting it down his pants, also breached a community corrections order. 

​Agnew has a significant prior criminal history.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said jail was warranted for the road rage incident alone.​

She said the community was very worried about road rage and such gratuitous assaults could not be tolerated.

Earlier this month, Agnew was jailed in the Warrnambool ​County Court ​for recklessly causing serious injury​ with ​a minimum ​three years and six months to be served before being eligible for parole.

​He ha​d​ already spent 241 days in custody, which will be counted as served.

​Judge Liz Gaynor said it was clear that Agnew's offending had shocked him but he had engaged in extraordinarily dangerous behaviour and was fortunate to not be facing charges relating to the death of the victim.

On January 4 this yea​r​​  Agnew​ was drunk and when his ex-girlfriend and her brother walked past ​his unit, Agnew called out: "Why don't you come and see me?".

The woman declined the offer, saying ​she didn't want to have anything to do with Agnew.

Agnew jumped a fence and approached the siblings holding a pair of scissors.

He swung a punch at the brother with the hand holding the scissors and struck his back, causing a small wound.

Agnew then ran after the woman and struck her several times to the back with the scissors.

The woman felt pain but thought she had been punched as she was unaware Agnew was holding the scissors.

The siblings ran away as Agnew chased them.

The woman dropped her bag and belongings and when she stopped to pick them up Agnew caught up with her.

He stabbed her with the scissors to the top of her left hand, which caused instant bleeding, before he went back to his unit.

The woman became short of breath, her brother helped her home and an ambulance was called.

She was taken to Warrnambool Base Hospital where an urgent x-ray confirmed she had suffered a collapsed lung.

A tube was placed in her chest to drain the lung and the woman was admitted to hospital under the care of surgeons.

She had suction applied to the chest drain tube, daily x-rays and was medicated.

When arrested and interviewed the following day Agnew said he had been drinking wine and port since 10am and did not remember anything.​