Hamilton man who had car torched to appear in Warrnambool court

UPDATE, 2pm: A Hamilton man has been jailed for 14 days and been fined $1500 after having his car torched.

Jason Maltby, 37, of Kenna Avenue, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Friday to offences including making a false report to police, breaching a court order and two counts of driving unregistered vehicles.

Earlier: A HAMILTON man recently released from jail has been charged with four offences after having his car torched at Coleraine.

Detective Sergeant Mark James, of the Hamilton police crime investigation unit, said police received a report of a car being damaged in a fire at Coleraine on Thursday morning.

That report led to a saga which now sees the owner of the car scheduled to face the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a bail/remand hearing on Friday.

Detective Sergeant James said the 39-year-old owner of the unregistered green Ford Fairlane valued at about $5000 drove to Coleraine overnight Wednesday to see his ex-girlfriend - in breach of a court order.

It is then believed that another man has deliberately set fire to the victim's car which was parked 100 mteres down the road from the woman's home.

The victim discovered his burnt out car and borrowed his girlfriend's unregistered car which he drove back to Hamilton.

Police outlined their suspicious about breaching the intervention order to the man.

The victim denied those allegations and reported that his Ford Fairlane had been stolen.

Police investigated those claims and security camera footage and witnesses confirmed the man drove his car to Coleraine, parking near the intersection of Pilleau and Winter streets.

The woman's car was also parked at the man's home.

The victim was arrested, interviewed, charged and has been remanded in custody to appear in Warrnambool court on Friday.

He has been charged with breaching a court order, making a false report to police and two counts of driving unregistered vehicles.

"The moral to the story is if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging," Detective Sergeant James said.

"Investigations into who actually torched the car are continuing. Anyone with information is requested to contact the Hamilton CIU or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000." he said.