Warrnambool City Council plan to seek speed limit drop on Wollaston Road draws ire of readers

A WARRNAMBOOL City Council plan to seek approval from VicRoads to lower the speed limit on Wollaston Road has drawn fierce debate from The Standard readers.

Commenters took to the newspaper’s Facebook page, with more than 145 people voicing their opinion.

Residents in the area have called for a reduced speed limit after a car crashed through a fence over the weekend. They say it is a dangerous section of road, where “many” crashes have occurred. 

The council has indicated it is seeking approval from the roads authority to reduce the speed limit to 60km/h.

Tony McCosh said: “Hope VicRoads laugh at them. One person fails to be able to follow the road and automatically we need to lower the limit. Perhaps the council should look in the mirror and ask why have we allowed so much development out off Wollaston road and yet we haven't installed turning lanes or spent any money improving the condition of the road.”

Jared Hoy commented “Funny how we're not calling to reduce the speed limit on the road where someone rolled their car last week after hitting a series of potholes. Maybe if our roads were maintained at all we would be able to safely drive on them at current speed limits without damaging our cars or endangering lives. Fees we pay to use the roads should reflect their quality and how they're maintained.”

However, Lee Boswell agreed the limit needed to be dropped. “Speed limit needs to be reduced to 60 km/h. It's dangerous for people trying to turn in and out of both Somerville Drive and also Goodall Street down the bottom of the hill. It was okay years ago when the road was in better condition and hardly anyone lived out there.”