Jane Maloney being ass​essed for another corrections order

​ A WARRNAMBOOL woman who claims to have turned to ice after being locked in a cage and having boiling water poured over her is now being assessed for another community corrections order.

Jane Maree Maloney, 32, of Fleetwood Court, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to 19 charges in six briefs of evidence which largely relate to her funding her ongoing ice addiction.

She is already on two CCOs, failed to appear in court twice on charges and has spent the past 51 days in custody. 

Defence counsel Adam Bellman said his client turned to ice use after being locked in a cage and having boiling water poured over her during November 2014.

He said that at the time Maloney was in a highly abusive relationship with a heroin addict, she regularly received hospital treatment for broken bones and her ex-partner was jailed for his offending.

 Mr Bellman said that during the relationship Maloney started using cannabis and ice and her life spiral​l​ed out of control.

He said all her offending was opportunistic and aimed to fund her ice habit.

The solicitor said that Maloney's mother had now been diagnosed with brain tumours.

Mr Bellman said that just three days after being remanded in custody Maloney was struck with a cup by her former partner's new girlfriend​ in jail​.

Treatment involved 60 stitches and a plate and pin w​ere inserted to rep​air Maloney's jaw. 

Doctors also found a tumour in Maloney's mouth which requires further assessment and treatment. 

Mr Bellman said that since being in custody Maloney had come to the realisation that she wanted to turn her life around and reconnect with her three children.

"Her life has hit rock bottom," Mr Bellman said, in requesting that time served was sufficient and another CCO should be imposed. 

Magistrate Ann McGarvie ordered the Office Of Corrections to prepare a report on the breach of the current corrections orders and that M​a​loney be assessed for a further order.

The case was adjourned for sentencing on September 5.

Police said that on ​August 31 last year Maloney smashed a window during an argument. 

On October 31 Maloney was driving a friend's car at Point Cook when she crashed into a centre median strip light pole which fell and blocked the road.

She tested positive to driving under the influence of ice. 

Late last year an iPhone and cheque book were stolen in Geelong.

On January 19 Maloney presented a cheque at the Werribee NAB branch, staff contacted the account holder and Maloney was arrested after presenting her licence as identification. 

On March 3 Maloney damaged her mother's car and was found to be in possession of two deal bags of cannabis weighing  21 grams, ​eight sets of car keys, personal cards which didn't belong to her and four mobile phones. 

On June 14 a florist delivery van driver had her handbag, phone, a bank card and foreign currency stolen while making a delivery.

Maloney used the card 15 minutes later to buy alcohol.

On June 29 Maloney was arrested​ on a warrant while driving in Warrnambool​.

She tried to flee, ​resisted police and attempted to strike a police officer. 

Items were found that were taken in the th​eft from the delivery van as well as goods stolen from Amart Sports.

Police said that four days before Maloney went into Amart where she stole clothes and other items valued at $1529 which she put in a backpack and soccer bag before walking out.