Warrnambool City Council will write to VicRoads, insisting they address road safety issues

WARRNAMBOOL City Council will write to VicRoads, insisting that road safety issues which they are responsible for are addressed.

There are 240 locations in the city council municpality identified for potential road safety infrastructure works:

  •  57 (24%) of the sites are at locations which are the responsibility of VicRoads;
  • Of the top 50 sites with crash statistics, 27 (54%) are VicRoads;
  • Of the top 10 sites (3 or more crashes), 7 (70%) are VicRoads; and
  • The remaining three council sites (in the top 10) are recommended to be submitted to VicRoads for Blackspot funding consideration.

The council’s road safety infrastructure improvements program is reliant on external funding from BlackSpot and TAC programs. 

Priority locations for funding include the Giffen/Koroit streets intersection, the Timor/Kelp Streets intersection, the Botanic/Queens roads intersection. Proposed works also include the construction of a new 2.5 metre wide concrete/gravel shared path along Raglan Parade on the south side of Mahoneys Road to Deakin University and new roundabouts with zebra crossings at Kepler/Koroit streets, Fairy/Koroit streets and Kepler/Timor streets. 

The council is seeking external funding, which if successful and combined with the capital works funding, would deliver more than $700,000 worth of road safety projects in 2017/18.

The locations are decided on by consideration from VicRoads crash stats and reporting from the community and stakeholders, including the road safe group, the bicycle reference group, the healthy moves program, customer requests and police.