Tyson Debono to be sentenced on burglary and theft charges

​A ice-driven burglar who has spent two months in jail is expected to be placed on a community corrections order on Friday.​

​Tyson Debono, 27, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court earlier this week to burglary, theft and twice failing to answer bail.

Police said that in the early hours of June 4 Debono and co-accused Andrew Young left Crawley Street in a vehicle and went to a service station where Young at 5.20am ​put fuel valued at $7 in his car and bought lollies for $1.

They then went to a west Warrnambool industrial estate where they went through a scrap metal bin at Rentsch's Metal Recyclers yard.

At 6.40am they went to South West Tools and Industrial where Debono forced open a front glass door to gain entry.

He took coins valued at $30 and two drop saws.

Debono put the saws in Young's car and he drove off.

Debono went back into the business and took sample items and a nail gun before walking off.

On July 14 Debono was fined in court for stealing a mobile phone at a pokies venue.

Defence counsel Xavier Farrelly said his client had a significant criminal history.

Debono was previously was sentenced in a Ballarat court to serve 12 months in jail for trafficking drugs.

His mother-in-law was jailed for four years in a related case.

"Mr Debono does have an issue with methamphetamine and the offending was an attempt to fund that habit," Mr Farrelly said.

"He fell back into that habit earlier this year and it is difficult in Warrnambool to stay away from negative peers."

Debono has already served just over 60 days in custody and was being assessed for his suitability to undertake another community corrections order with the condition he spend time in a rehabilitation centre.

He will be sentenced on Friday.