Kane Egan to undergo extensive assessment prior to sentencing

UPDATE: A DRUNK reveller ​who punched and kicked a victim on the ground has been placed on a community corrections order after being found to possibly have previously undiagnosed issues.

Kane Egan, 23, of Wangoom Road, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court last month to recklessly causing injury.

Sentencing was adjourned so assessment and reports could be prepared for the court before sentencing.

On Monday magistrate Cynthia Toose said Egan was being sentenced in relation to violence and a report indicated he possibly suffered previously undiagnosed issues.

She said there were concerns about whether Egan would get into trouble in future and programs would be put in place to assist him.

"But it's not all about rehabilitation, there needs to be an element of punishment although I understand there has been some disagreement about what actually happened," she told Egan.

Egan was convicted, placed on a 12-month CCO with conditions he do 150 hours of community work as well as assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for alcohol and drugs.

He will also have to do programs to reduce the chance of him offending again.

On top of that Egan was also banned from being in central Warrnambool licensed premises for two years. 

AUGUST 7: A DRUNK reveller ​who punched and kicked a victim on the ground he had felled with one punch ​has been found to suffer autism spectrum disorder.

​Kane Egan, 23,​ of Wangoom Road, Warrnambool,​ ​pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court ​to recklessly causing injury​.

​He was assessed and found unsuitable for a community corrections order ​but magistrate Cynthia Toose adjourned sentencing for September 11 so a comprehensive pre-sentence report could be prepared.​

She said there had been no further offending in the past eight months.

The magistrate said the new diagnosis and extensive medical report was "very helpful"​ and told Egan the court wanted to put something in place to provide long-term support​.

Ms Toose said the incident in Timor Street on New Year's eve was concerning and the easy option would be to jail Egan.

She explained to Egan he needed to answer questions and it was up to her to assess those answers.​​​

The magistrate previously said in a sentencing indication​ that a prison sentence would have to be imposed considering Egan had previously been jailed in 2015 for recklessly causing injury and had a similar prior offence in 2014.

Police said that Egan and the victim were outside the Courthouse Kitchen about 11pm on December 31.

There was a conversation involving a group of men when the victim was punched to the back of the head and passed out.

Police said Egan punched the victim again while he was on the ground and then kicked him to the side of the head​ which was seen by security staff. 

The victim suffered bruising and abrasions to the head, abdomen and shoulder. 

​Police have also applied for a two-year alcohol exclusion order, which would ban​ Egan from licensed premises in central Warrnambool. 

Ms Toose ​previously ​said it was a very concerning summary of evidence and kicking someone on the ground was a "coward's act".