Kayleearne Clyde imprisoned

UPDATE, 8am: A​ DISTRAUGHT ice user charge with a range of offending has been jailed for three months.

Kayleearne Clyde, 21, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty in th​e​ Warrnambool Magistrates Court and was imprisoned by magistrate Ron Saines for three months with 55 days already counted as served.

A 12-month community corrections order will follow the jail term with conditions including assessment, treatment and supervision for 12 months with the first three months requiring intensive compliance.

She was also banned from driving for six months. 

Clyde pleaded guilty to trafficking ice and cannabis, using ice, obtaining property by deception, burglary, theft, committing a serious offence while on bail, dishonestly retaining stolen goods, possessing firearms, negligently dealing with proceeds of crime, theft of a vehicle and two counts of failing to answer bail.

​July 25: A​ DISTRAUGHT ice user has been remanded in custody charged with a range of dishonesty offences.

Kayleearne Clyde, 21, of no fixed address, unsuccessfully applied for bail in th​e​ Warrnambool Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody until next Monday.

W​arrnambool police officer Senior Constable Nick Roberts said that on April 6  Ms Clyde's  mobile phone was seized which contained evidence of trafficking ice and cannabis, for which she was charged. 

She then failed to appear in court on May 29.

On July 1 a man's bank card was stolen from his vehicle parked in Lava Street.

​Poli​c​e allege Ms Clyde and a co-accused then went to ​a ​Woolworths​ supermarket​ where they used th​e​ card to obtain goods valued at $515. 

Security camera footage captured them at the supermarket.

Ms Clyde was arrested on Sunday and made admissions to that offending.

Police allege that ​in the past couple of weeks ​Ms Clyde and ​a ​co-accused ​were seen by police in a vehicle in McGregors Road.

He parked the car and she fled from police. 

Officers allege th​e​ vehicle was used in a series of burglaries on July 8 and 9.

In the vehicle a rifle was found on the back seat, a .22 calibre rifle and ammunition as well as a variety of stolen goods including sets of keys to cars and a motorbike, electronic items, stamps, x-rays belonging to a doctor, items stolen from Purnim, a cheque book from a Warrnambool business, three laptops, passports, a grey wallet, ​a range of ​women's jewellery and a drill.

Senior  Constable Roberts said Ms Clyde was arrested on Sunday and a warrant was soon after executed at a Hyland Street home ​where police found a large amount of stolen goods. 

​Some of those items ​are beleived to be stolen in burglaries from a doctor on July 1 and 19 including stethoscopes, bags, blankets and wine.

There were also eight laptop computers and security cameras from the Woodford Primary School believed to have been stolen ​last weekend. 

Ms Clyde said ​in her bail application ​she didn't commit any break-ins and just wanted to go home.

She said she was at court for the previous hearing but left with her b​oyfriend because she felt overwhelmed.

Magistrate Ann McGarvie refused bail, saying Ms Clyde was an unacceptable risk of failing to attend at court and continuing to offend.