Jesse James locked up for at least 18 months

AN ice user caught with two sawn-off firearms and a cocktail of drugs has been jailed for two years.

​Jesse James, 25, of Ocean Grove, Warrnambool, previously pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to being a prohibited person in possession of two firearms and drug offences.

On Monday, magistrate Cynthia Toose imposed a two-year jail term and ordered James serve at least 18 months before being eligible for parole.

He has served 53 days in custody.

Ms Toose said the fact that James was a prohibited person in possession of two firearms was a significant cause of concern for her and the community.

She said that after reading extensive mental health reports that the "really sad part" was that James was still a relatively young man.

The magistrate said that in March last year James was jailed for six months on drugs and making threats charges. 

In November 2014 he was jailed for five months for trafficking ice, locked up the year before for assaults and making threats and for a robbery in 2010.

Ms Toose said anyone who had two firearms was a concern but being a prohibited person with such weapons was far more troubling.

"There must be the strongest message of deterrence," she said, adding most of James' offending related to drug use and when last arrested he was found with a cocktail of drugs.

Police officers executed a search warrant at a Warrnambool Ocean Grove address on May 26 and found James' girlfriend Cassandra Robins asleep on a couch.

There was a large amount of drug paraphernalia in the house, indicating heavy drug use and possibly drug dealing.

A sawn-off .22 calibre rifle was found wrapped in a hoodie under the couch where Ms Robins was sleeping.

There was also a variety of prescription medication, three shotgun shells and five rounds of .22 ammunition, a vial of GHB and a driver’s licence, bank card and passport which did not belong to Ms Robins or James.

There was also a set of keys on a coffee table which fitted a Commodore sedan parked out the front of the home.

In the car were men's and women's clothes, an iPad with James' fingerprints on it and a loaded sawn-off single barrel shotgun.

Police were able to trace the Warrnambool owner of the shotgun, who did not realise the firearm had been stolen.

​Defence counsel Belinda Northey previously said James had suffered a traumatic and abusive childhood, he was a severe epileptic and had previously made a determined attempt at self-harm which caused significant injuries.

"It's a question of how long," she said in reference to an expected jail sentence.

Ms Robins, 27,​ has twice ​unsuccessfully appli​ed for bail.​

Ms Toose warned there were far too many guns in the community and any prohibited person found in possession of a firearm faced serving a significant time in jail.

During a search of Ms Robins at the Warrnambool police station after the Ocean Grove raid, officers found five deal bags of ice, weighing a total of 3.5 grams, in her bra.

The magistrate noted that Ms Robins had prior court appearances for offences of violence.