Cobden police deal with three crashes and four speeding drivers in one day

Three accidents within minutes of each other and four speeding drivers nabbed on the same day have left police angry that calls to slow down are being ignored.

One driver, a P-plater with her six-month-old baby in the car, was clocked doing 139km/h on the Cobden-Warrnambool Road about 7.45pm Saturday.

Acting Sergeant Bec Miles said the driver “had no regard for her life or that of her child”.

“We just shake our heads – it seems they haven’t learnt,” she said.

“People are driving at crazy speeds on dark and wet roads. It is only a matter or time before someone is killed. People need to drive to the road conditions.”

The incidents come less than a week after Acting Sergeant Miles spoke out about the high number of speeding drivers.

Cobden police received three calls in 15 minutes on Saturday about accidents on the Great Ocean Road, leading police to mistakenly believe it was the same accident. 

Two teenage women were injured when their car crashed into a tree near Wattle Hill, near Princetown about 3.30pm. 

About 300 metres away, two tourists were uninjured after their car hit an embankment, and a kilometre away a driver lost control and ran off the road.

Police were shocked when, while returning from the accidents, they intercepted a car travelling 129km/h in wet conditions on the Cobden-Princetown Road about 5.30pm.

Two other drivers were caught travelling more than 120km/h on the Cobden-Warrnambool Road.