​Luke​ Taralaikov​​ ordered to do community work

A MAN who assaulted his partner during a break-up has pleaded guilty and been ordered to do community work. 

​​Luke Peter Taralaikov, 37, of Baynes Street, Terang, appeared  in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a contest mention hearing and eventually pleaded guilty to reckless conduct endangering serious injury, unlawful assault, willful damage and failing to answer bail.

Police said that on August 2 last year ​Taralaikov and his partner had an argument about money when she wanted to go and buy breakfast and medicine.

Taralaikov blamed his children for stealing the money.

He pinned his partner to the bed, grabbed her by the throat and held her down for several seconds. 

He then threw items out of cupboards and the woman got in her car with two of her children.

​A window was smashed as the woman drove off leaving a child shaken.

Twenty-five minutes later Taralaikov and his five-year-old so drove 20 kilometres on his motorbike.

Pillion passengers have to be at least eight years old.

Taralaikov​ told police when interviewed his son's feet reached the pegs on the motorbike, he took back roads and never went over 80km/h.

He said he had grabbed the woman's jumper while she was screaming and yelling about money.

Taralaikov said he thought the incident was over after an intervention order was put in place.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said that in a contest Taralaikov may struggle to be considered a credible person.

He indicated he would impose a community corrections order and Taralaikov accepted that indication.

Taralaikov's driver's licence was suspended 14 days and he was placed on a 12-month CCO with conditions he do 120 hours of community work and assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs as requested.