Woman in her 40s fined for being drunk and disorderly

A DRUNK woman carrying a knife at a Portland hotel on Wednesday night has been fined $2793.

Portland police said there was an incident at the Royal Hotel about 6pm involving the woman who was known to be in possession of a knife.

The woman in her 40s was arrested ​for being drunk and disorderly ​and carrying a controlled weapon in the vicinity of licensed premises.

She was issued with two infringement notices.

For carrying the knife she was fined $2000.

For being drunk and disorderly she was fined ​$793.

She had a prior offence for being drunk and disorderly but it was some time ago so the second offence fine of $1586 was not applicable.

The woman was released from custody after spending a couple of hours in the Portland police station cells to sober up.