Beau Clarke has sentencing deferred

A FRAMLINGHAM man who doesn't like jail has been ​given a chance to avoid another​ prison term despite being​ involved in two violent incidents.

Beau Dwayne Clarke, ​28, ​pleaded guilty in the Koori division of the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to assault-related charges.

In mid-July last year police said Clarke bashed a man who was giving him and his partner a ride to Warrnambool.

When Clarke got out of the car to urinate, the driver moved forward about five metres as a joke.

Clarke got back into the car and punched the driver a number  of times to the left side of his head and ​according to the victim appeared crazy and wild.

The victim got out of the car and Clarke drove off. 

There was about $80 cash in th​e​ car and a mobile phone.

The car was later seen being driven in the Geelong area.

On August 6 last year Clarke was at Framlingham drinking alcohol ​throughout the day before he got in an argument with a woman.

He threw a glass at ​her, which struck ​the woman and caused a large laceration to her forehead.

Clarke said he hoped the woman drowned in her own blood. He fled before police arrived.

The woman went to hospital​ and ​got 14 stitches in her forehead.

Police arrested Clarke and his girlfriend at Boorcan on September 24 ​asleep in the car they stole ​and he ​spent time in jail before being released in November.

Defence counsel Xavier Farrelly said that at the time of the offending Clarke was not dealing with people appropriately due to​ his issues with meth​ amphetamine.

Clarke is currently on a community corrections order and ​now ​complying after a poor early start.

Mr Farrelly said his client's partner was now expecting ​a baby ​and they had moved to Illowa.

He said Clarke’s recent ice screens had been clean​.

Clarke told the court he blamed ice for his offending: "It takes over your mind", he said.

He also said moving away from Framlingham had been positive because of alcohol and drug issues in the community​.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose told Clarke he had to continue complying with his corrections order if he wanted to avoid a jail term being imposed.

She deferred sentencing until September and warned Clarke if he got back on ice she would know.

"It's pretty easy to spot," she said.