Allansford man Shane Harrison jailed again

A MAN with an appalling driving history charged with another 25 offences has been jailed for four months.

Shane Harrison, 37, of ​Smiths Lane, Allansford, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to five separate police briefs of evidence.

He was jailed, fined $1500 and banned from driving for four years.

Harrison has 20 pages of driving prior offences, on top of his lengthy criminal history. 

That includes five drink driving convictions, 11 charges for driving while disqualified and 10 for unlicensed driving. 

The current charges included four counts of unlicensed driving, refusing an alcohol breath test, drugs offences and being a prohibited person in charge of an air rifle.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Harrison's prior record had now caught up with him, he didn't have a driver’s  licence and he shouldn't have been driving. 

She said she didn't put Harrison on a community corrections order because he had previously been placed on several orders and breached each of them. 

"It's really up to you. You can get support from the Aboriginal co-op. If you drive while disqualified again you will just be going back to prison for longer and longer terms," she said.

Defence counsel Amanda Chambers said her client's 18-year relationship ended earlier this year and he had turned to using cannabis and ice. 

She said Harrison wanted to return to an Aboriginal rehabilitation centre where he previously had a successful stint. 

The solicitor said Harrison recently came to court to try and obtain a driver's licence for the first time. 

That application had been refused, Harrison was told to come back in six months, but now these offences had been committed.

Police said that on April 5 Harrison was found with 1.8 grams of ice and 30g of cannabis and in his car there was an air rifle which he used at work on a chicken farm.

On May 2 he was caught unlicensed driving without a seatbelt, had false number plates on his car and his vehicle was unroadworthy with wire showing through tyres.

He also refused an alcohol breath test after returning a positive preliminary reading. 

When pulled over on May 28 he was still unlicensed, had .4g of ice, an ecstasy pill, five grams of cannabis and gave police officers a false name.

Harrison was caught driving again on June 2 and then on June 8 he tried to fill up his car at a service station with false number plates on his car that had been used in previous petrol drive-offs.