Drivers losing licences at Hopkins Highway roadworks

DRIVERS on the Hopkins Highway are ignoring roadwork speed limits and losing their licences as a result.

Police have been using speed cameras on the stretches of the road between Ellerslie and Mortlake where VicRoads have been reconstructing the highway.

Acting Sergeant Paul McLean of Mortlake police said about 20 drivers had been booked, with “at least five” having their licences automatically suspended for being 25km/h over the temporary speed limits.

“We had one guy doing 130km/h through there last Friday,” he said.

“We also had a truck doing 100km/h in a 60km/h zone.”

He said the roadworks signage was changing daily and urged drivers to pay attention and abide by the temporary speed limits.

“Those speed limits are there … to minimise the damage to the road while the works are being done, and they’re for the safety of the workers,” he said, adding they were also there for the safety of the drivers.

VicRoads began works on a 4.3km stretch of the Hopkins Highway between Ellerslie and Mortlake in February, with about three km of works completed so far.

The remaining 1.3km is estimated to be finished by the end of May, weather permitting.

Another 2.5km section of the Hopkins Highway is scheduled for reconstruction after winter. 

A VicRoads spokesperson said motorists needed to obey the speed limit through road works for the safety of road workers and thanked drivers for their patience.