Police foot pursuit after Warrnambool vehicle break-ins

TWO alleged thieves were apprehended by police following a Sunday morning foot chase around Warrnambool’s CBD.

Officers were in pursuit of the pair after a series of thefts from motor vehicles and related deception matters around Warrnambool over the weekend.

A man and a woman, believed to be in their early 20s, were eventually apprehended in the Lava Street area near Aldi following a “short foot chase”, police said.

One was caught in a residential backyard after jumping a number of fences, while the other was found hiding among some plants.

Senior Constable Brooke Pollock said the pair was being interviewed by police in relation to 15 thefts from motor vehicles and about eight deception matters.

She said the vehicle break-ins had occurred over the weekend.

It is alleged the pair broke into vehicles in the area around Warrnambool Base Hospital and Midfield Meats.

SC Pollock said some of the cars were unlocked, but one person familiar with the incident contacted The Standard and said seven of the cars targeted were locked and belonged to nurses.

They parked their vehicles in a Warrnambool Base Hospital car park and had their windows smashed on Friday night.

SC Pollock said wallets and phones were the main items taken from the cars.

Police allege the pair then used cards and money taken from the stolen wallets to purchase items and phone credit from shops and supermarkets.

The pair were being interviewed on Sunday and are expected to appear in court at a later date.

Anyone with any information should contact Warrnambool police.