17-year-old charged with more serious offences is released on bail

​A teenager has been released on bail despite trying to break into an 84-year-old woman's home and threatening to stab an 80-year-old neighbour while stealing his car.

​T​he youth, who cannot be named because he is aged under 18 years old, was already on bail before he went before a children's court on Tuesday after previously throwing a stapler at a bail justice.

​Police said the knife-wielding offender left two elderly Terang residents terrified after an incident on February 20. 

He went to Shadforth Street at 4.30pm where he tried to break into the 84-year-old woman’s unit. 

The front security door was locked, he broke the handle trying to gain entry and then tried to get in a front locked window.

He fled after the elderly resident yelled at him while she was on the phone to police.

The teenager then attended at a home near the intersection of Grey and Shadforth streets where an 80-year-old man lives.

He entered the home through the open front door, told the resident he was going to stab him while armed with a knife, took car keys, walked out the rear door and went to a parked car.

The resident followed the teenager outside, who said to the elderly man: "I'll f... run you over if you don't get out of my road".

Cobden police officers responding to the Terang offending saw a speeding vehicle but abandoned a pursuit due to the speed the driver was travelling.

The car was being driven by the teen and it was recovered about 8.20pm that night along a back road near Timboon-Curdies Road.

On February 24 the teenager was also charged with attempted theft and tamper with a vehicle and he faces a number of other briefs of evidence relating to driving offences.

In early April the youth attacked a bail justice.

He broke into a south-west school on April 2 just days after after previously being released on bail. 

The teen and a co-accused forced their way into the school but were seen by a staff member. 

When police arrived to arrest them, the teen made a shooting-gun hand gesture and once inside the police divisional van they yelled and kicked causing the van to rock.

At the station the teenager had to be restrained due to his aggressive behaviour.

He then lunged forward and grabbed a stapler, threw it at a bail justice, striking him to the shoulder, which caused swelling and soreness.

The teen then lunging forward again and attempted to punch the bail justice before being restrained.