Warrnambool's Andrew Jennings out on bail after bashing old lady

A MAN with a frightening record of violence, who bashed an elderly Warrnambool woman, has been released on bail.

Andrew Jennings, 45, of Garden Street, ​successfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 

He will be back in court on May 15 and his bail conditions include that he comply with new intervention orders and his current corrections order.

Magistrate John Bentley warned Mr Jennings that if he breached his bail conditions he would be straight back into police custody.

​​Police told the court Mr Jennings broke an elderly female neighbour's nose and cheekbone in an attack over a mobile phone.

​​At 2pm on Tuesday last week the woman went to check on Mr Jennings who had been suffering seizures.

She was invited in the back door and sat in the lounge​ with Mr Jennings​.

​Days before Mr Jennings had asked to buy her ​mobile ​phone but she declined because she knew he had no money.

Police allege Mr Jennings again asked about the phone and when the woman said she had traded it in at Cash Converters he became extremely angry.

Mr Jennings pushed the woman to the floor, and then hit her to the face a few times while holding a bluetooth speaker.

The victim, who pleaded with Mr Jennings to stop, suffered a broken nose which bled profusely and a fractured cheekbone.

Mr Jennings then dragged her across the floor, pulling out a clump of her hair.

He also threatened to kill her dog, torch her car and slit her daughter's throat. 

When interviewed by police Mr Jennings said the woman hit her face on a speaker when she fell at his home.

He has been charged with recklessly causing injury and making threats to inflict serious injury.​​

Mr Jennings has 16 pages of prior court appearances.